Things To Do During A Blackout

Things To Do During A Blackout

Already this spring, we’ve had some pretty big storms come over. Which got me thinking the other day… if storm season continues in this manner, we’re headed for a summer with a lot of blackouts. And in a technology obsessed world, blackouts mean going old-school on activities.


Things To Do During A Blackout


*Knock on wood* it has actually been a while since we’ve had a storm related black out – I can’t even remember having one last storm season at all. I put the call out on social media for some tips:

  • Board games – always a great stand by. Some of them are more exciting in the dark too. Or maybe you can’t see how bored you are!
  • Sarah suggested playing Murder In The Dark – a kids game I had totally forgotten about!
  • John said that reading a book (physical or kindle/ebook) is the way to go.
  • The Twice Diabetes gals said that birth rates spike 9 months after a blackout…


Things To Do During A Blackout


The actual last blackout that we had at my house was that whole electrocution saga – so that wasn’t a normal one at all! Bed (for sleeping purposes) was the only thing on my mind at all.


Read more on storm season prep here.


If you get really bored during a blackout, and have phone battery, check out my “things to do” Pinterest board for some more ideas.


What do you do during a blackout for entertainment? 

4 Replies to “Things To Do During A Blackout”

  1. Lucky for us my 2yr old isn’t too scared of storms so I think she’d go alright in a blackout, provided we had battery on the ipad. Otherwise it might get a bit testy because she’s not at the board game stage yet. Although if it was dark I’d probably just use it as an excuse for early bed time lol. #teamIBOT

  2. This is such a great idea, Vanessa. We also seem to get more blackouts than most but aside from the ‘blackout kit’, I never thought to have a list of go-to games up my sleeve. x

  3. I sit around staring forlornly at the laptop screen, willing the internet to come back.

  4. I just do what can be done. 🙂 Blackouts don’t bother me so much here because it isn’t hot. In Darwin I used to get really frustrated by them.

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