$140 Grocery Shop

$140 Grocery Shop

It’s that time again! Take a look at what we bought for the fortnight.


$140 Grocery Shop


For some reason, I’m lemonade obsessed right now and have drunk most of the bottle I bought and want more. Go figure. I’m not normally a huge soft drink person but right now I want it. I bought two of the Coles Brownie Mixes because I saw them as “reduced to clear” and freaked out – they are the best packet mix brownies I’ve ever had. Probably something to do with the sheer quantity of butter you use in the recipe, but whatever. They’re our favourite treat so now we have 3 boxes in our pantry.


Coles Grocery Receipt

Other than that, it was a fairly standard stock up shop. We always have a ton of pasta and rice at home, so that can form the carb portion of meals. The only veggies we buy from supermarkets are ones they can’t mess up like carrots, onions and potatoes. The rest come from a shop a few doors from our house; some things are grown in their yard, some things are from local farmers. They do stock some off-season stuff but most of their food is fantablulistic.


I actually really don’t like shopping at Woolies, because despite their ads bragging about how many times they’ve dropped prices this year, I’ve found that most of the stuff we bought has gone UP. Plus, their self serve registers are frustratingly slow and I get cranky every time I use one. And I don’t like the way their registers show discounts – unless you do the maths on each one, you don’t know if the discount has been properly applied.


Having said that, they had stuff I wanted cheaper than Coles this fortnight, so I went there.


Woolworth Receipt


PS – the Smiths Meat Pie & Sauce chips are horrible. Tasteless.


How much do you spend on groceries? What would make these posts more useful for you? We’re not meal planners or recipe-followers so it’s hard to help you in those regards!


9 Replies to “$140 Grocery Shop”

  1. I am a Woolworths girl. (I still call it Safeway!) I never shop at Coles. I don’t like their range and their generic brand is a bit icky to me. I like Homebrand products a lot by comparison. We’ve always shopped Safeway, I just can’t break my habit. I’d like an Aldi close by though – we love their broccoli and cauliflower cheese bakes!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I loved Bi-Lo when I first moved back to Australia. I swear a week of shopping cost me $25. We have an Aldi nearby but they’re not open when I’m around to do shopping so I rarely ever go there.

  2. Our family spends way too much at Woolies. My oldest son eats a full healthy dinner, the same size as his father’s then 30 minutes later will be raiding the pantry! And he’s only a skinny little thing! Having three teenagers is like having a plague of locusts in the house!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I have a vague memory of being at a friends house as a teenager and being shocked at how much her older brother and his friend ate.

  3. When all my 5 kids lived at home I spent at least $70 a day which is… $490 a week. Damn ridiculous. I had to go every day or they’d eat the lot. I didn’t buy expensive stuff either. There was a lot of mince happening. Now all of them have gone I probably spend $40 every three days. We have soooo much toilet paper because I was so used to buying it in huge quantities. I am a Coles shopper and I buy most of their homebrand stuff. Why wouldn’t you? I find that most Coles are set up the same way and I can find everything easily. Occasionally I go to Woolies if I happen to be near one but they annoy me a bit. The aisles are smaller I reckon.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Wowee…sounds like a CostCo would have been needed back when all the kids were at home.

  4. I prefer Woolies than Coles, I know the layout better and the fresh veggies seem to be better quality where we are located. With a family of 5, I meal plan and packaged foods send our shopping bill through the roof.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I used to be Woolies nearly exclusively, it has been mostly this year that I’ve changed. I haven’t bought supermarket veggies in quite a few years now so I’m not even sure which one I would go to for that.

  5. Our local Woolies self serve registers are really slow and unreliable too! And they never add up the discounts properly! Frustrating!

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