Request Time! The 2015 Ultimate Reading List!

The other year, I wrote a list called the “Hide In Your Room At The In Laws Best Of Blogs Reading List 2013“. Long title, but it gets the point across.


Well, for 2015 I want to do another one! Yay!


This year I actually want to do a series of these posts, so I’m looking for people to fill in this form with details about what category of post and links to the specific post. (It’s all in the survey.)


People are often offline or on holiday or busy over the Christmas/New Year’s period, so I want this to fill that gap when you want to go online and read, but don’t have time to go do a lot of searching for posts.


The link again – fill it in here.


I’d love for you to be on my 2015 reading list!! Ask away if you have any questions.

2 Replies to “Request Time! The 2015 Ultimate Reading List!”

  1. Thanks Vanessa. What a great idea for over Christmas.

  2. What a cool idea, I get a bit frustrated with lack of blogs to read over the holiday period as everyone is too busy having fun to write.

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