Fatigue Can Suck It

Ok, so it’s not the bounciest of blog post titles… but it’s pretty damn reflective of how I feel today. Thursday last week I got sick of the fatigue I’ve been feeling and booked in to see my GP, as I was suspicious I have low iron again. I felt really dumb. I’ve been exhausted but also doing dumb things that are unlink me (don’t get me wrong, I do plenty of dumb things, but I know when it’s me and when it’s not). On Thursday last week alone, I managed to forget my breakfast and leave it at home – despite spending plenty of time before work making lunch, including looking right AT MY DAMN BREAKFAST. I also forgot what time I got to work and had to go ask a colleague when I arrived. I literally had no idea. At all. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve left an avocado in my office and forgotten to take it home…that will be a nasty experience tomorrow. Maybe I’ll put some gloves in my handbag just in case it’s particularly festy…


Despite having done nothing much Fri/Sat/Sun, I still didn’t have the energy to go to work today. I think it was mostly because I couldn’t get to sleep last night – and if I’m not functioning on the full 8-9 hours of sleep I’ve been getting then I’m sure as hell not functioning on 6 hours.


Related: why I will complain about sleep even if I’m not a parent. Ironically, I wrote that just before I found out I was low on iron at the start of the year.


Le sigh. I’m only assuming at this point that I am low on iron. My GP ordered iron, B12, folate and thyroid tests for me so I’ll find out later today if I’m medically tired for a reason or just need a damn break. I’m perversely hoping I’m really low on iron – enough to need a transfusion. Not because I want to be sicker but because I don’t want to wait for iron tablets to kick in. It would also mean that I’ll be less likely to take sick days for rest – having a week off with the flu this winter dented my sick leave somewhat. And while my work is pretty good at letting you use other leave when sick – it’s SO rare for me to have a contract that includes leave that I’m looking forward to using my recreation leave for actually recreating that I don’t want to use it up on being boring old sick.


Today my feet have been hurting. It’s the strangest thing. I ducked out to Big W for some folders this morning (because I suck at resting and will do big energy wasting stupid things if I don’t do small, controlled things) so I’ve barely walked anywhere. Granted I’m still wearing my old and broken and inducing shoes because although my Frankie 4 shoes have arrived, I’m too tired to deal with getting used to a new pair of shoes on my feet. Dammed if I do, dammed if I don’t?


So…in summary. Fatigue can suck it.


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  1. Oh I feel your pain, I’m forever tired and every time I get tested my iron and B12 is super low. Been on iron tablets before but they make me feel blah (My doc has never suggested a transfusion before?) and I get the b12 injections but they honestly don’t seem to make a huge difference to how I feel..kinda tired of always feeling tired!

    1. Turns out I’m not even low on iron. Frustrating. I’m apparently fine.

  2. I hope you get some results soon Vanessa and am so sorry to hear how you’re feeling.

    I’ve been a bit the same – very tired all of the time and spending a lot of time in bed. I probably need to get a thyroid reading (as I’m on thyroxine) but think mine’s mostly about apathy as much as anything….

    Take care. xx

    1. I think mine has been just not sleeping well but I don’t know why. Nothing has changed.

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