Rabbid Fan

Earlier this year I had a week off because of the flu. Damn that Brisbane flu strain, it was a bitch. And wasn’t in the flu shot.


I lived in front of the TV for a week, sleeping on the mattress on the floor because it was under the heater.


I had trouble sleeping because I was horrifically congested, so late night TV was my friend. As were codeine and pseudoephedrine.


So…in this state I saw a TV show for the first time. The Rabbids.


Let me tell you, that is an interesting (and uh, somewhat comforting) show to watch when sick and drugged.


My memory is a tad hazy of what I actually saw, but I felt a very strong affinity with the Rabbids. I have yet to watch it undrugged (not because I’ve been drugged a lot, but because I haven’t seen it since I had the flu) so I’m wondering if I liked it because it was good or if I liked it because I was drugged.


Knowing me…I liked it because it was good. And because I’m odd like that.


Have you watched something while sick and then while …well, normal again? Did you like it as much?


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