$94.52 Grocery Shop

$94 Grocery Shop

Sadly, I appear to be hammered by bills on all sides right now. While I’ve picked up another contract until Christmas for extra money, it will be weeks until I’m paid. Lousy timing all around! Thank goodness companies are pretty good with extending deadlines, especially as I can tell them the exact date I can pay them. It’s frustrating to have earned the all money I need for the bills but not have it right now. But what can you do? The first few weeks of a contract are always the poorest until you have that extra bit of cash flow.


$94 Grocery Shop


First things first – my mother in law got wind of the bill situation and filled my freezer. I have the best mother in law around. Check out all the goodies she gave me! Ham, mince, pie, veggies, steak, chicken, bacon bits and probably more.


Freezer goodies


Because a family member recently moved into an aged care home, I was also given the leftovers of their pantry tinned items. They’re really not foods we eat, but it’s also the time of year for me to review my bug out/emergency bag and tinned foods are great for that. Ignore the crap on the bench. We’re only using a small freezer for now we’ve had to take out most of our freezer packs.


tinned goods

And…onto the grocery shopping portion. We spent $80.75 at Coles:


Coles $80.75

And $13.77 at Woolies:


Woolies $13.77


Who else has an awesome mother in law? What did you spend at your last grocery shop?


10 Replies to “$94.52 Grocery Shop”

  1. My mum fills my freezer / larder as well sometimes and I feel terrible. She’s 71 and on a pension and in her entire working life neither she nor my dad ever earned over $30,000/yr. I do realise she loves doing it though. She buys everything enmasse so her cupboards and freezer are constantly overflowing. She loves grocery shopping and particularly loves Aldi. I sometimes open the cupboard under my sink and find 6 bottles of washing up detergent. That will last me a millenium as I have a dishwasher?!

    She also cooks up stuff and gives me lots of little containers for lunches etc.

    I’m not a good budgeter when I shop cos I only like fillet steak (buy scotch fillet instead of eye fillet now though!) and washed potatoes, and chicken breasts etc…

    1. Haha at least you’re well stocked on some things!

  2. What a wonderfully generous mother-in-law you have Ness! Such a shame you don’t get your contract work money for weeks yet. You are very clever how you budget your grocery shopping. My tummy is rumbling looking at those tins of baked beans. I love baked beans and haven’t had them in ages! xo

    1. I’m not a huge baked beans fan but I have been liking the tinned food on hand for exhausted nights.

  3. We have returned to budgeting recently. I really dislike having to stick to a budget but as I’m not drawing much of an income at the moment and my redundancy money is getting low it’s time to tighten our belts. Your mother in law is an angel!

    1. It sucks when you haven’t had to do it in a while.

  4. Oh wow! Yep what an amazing mother in law – what an incredibly thoughtful thing to do!

    1. She is awesome 🙂

  5. It’s lovely she stepped in to shop for a few niceties.
    I hope the budget improves.

    1. It looks like it will in 2016, thankfully!

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