Being Fashionable, Being Comfortable

Being Fashionable, Being Comfortable

Fashion is NOT my area of love. I like it when I have clothes I like, but generally speaking, the entire act of shopping is one I find frustrating and I wish a clone could do it for me.


Being Fashionable, Being Comfortable


Being Fashionable, Being Comfortable


The real reason I hate shopping is that I’m in between sizes. Plus sized clothes are way too big on me, or too baggy in one or two major places, but quite often the “normal” size 14 or 16’s are too small for me. I don’t care much for the number attached to clothes – I own and wear clothes that are labelled everything from size 10 to 20. Literally. It’s stupid to care what that number says because it’s meaningless if I can be a size 10-20 and everything in between. I get that others may not be in that place to not care what the number says, but I think it’s something to strive for.


The other thing that bothers me is that I will find clothes I like, but they’re in a fabric I don’t like. Or vice versa. I found underwear in 2015 that I really like, but they’re a bit lycra-ey, so when it’s hot they’re a bit unpleasant to wear. Still, the shape of them is more comfortable than any cotton ones I’ve found in years. So it’s a trade off, always a trade off and never perfection. Or close to.


I’ve gone very uncool in the past 12 months. Nearly all my pants are soft, elastic waisted and have pockets. My dream. It’s basically like wearing PJs everywhere, which is my dream wardrobe. I like to pair them with a plain singlet – the type with a u neck and about 2 inch straps across the top – not those little spaghetti strap ones. For casual days I put on a wrap/cardigan when needed, and in winter I wear a block colour suit jacket with them.


It’s comfy, it’s fashionable and most importantly, it makes me happy. And when you feel happy, you look good.


How do you negotiate the jungle of fashion and comfort? 


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  1. Everything I own I love and is comfortable. As soon as I stop loving the way it looks or the way it feels, it gets recycled.
    (I totally get that this is easier to say when the fashion world tends to cater regularly to your size, and most of your clothes feature the same number on the tag. Shopping’s a whole lot easier that way!)

  2. I am also not fond of shopping. I hate change rooms. They are not complimentary mirrors in there. Bright lights and I’m sure I’m fatter in change room mirrors and my mirrors at home. I just like to get what I need and get the hell out of there. I’m not the typical female when it comes to shopping. I do love to have some new clothes – especially if I really like it and it makes me feel good to wear it. I just hate the process to get there!

  3. I like fashion and I do buy lots of clothes. I also adore elastic! As soon As I am home those trackies are on immediately!
    I like dressing up but I tend to wear cardis or trenches. With a great handbag you can get away with a lot too!

  4. I could easily sit and write in my trackies but it makes me feel yuk and not professional. Even putting a nice pair of jeans and top on, I feel like a real working woman.

  5. I’m definitely plus sized – maybe more at the moment – and when I’m feeling crappy I really don’t want to buy or think about clothes. But when I weighed a bit less I used to dress outfits up or add some personality via funky jewellery. I figured I couldn’t dress the way I wanted (they didn’t make interesting clothes in my size) but I could accessorise!

  6. I’m much like you at the moment. In between sizes. I have an entire wardrobe waiting for my new meds to do their thing and my weight to go back to normal. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait but I also know there isn’t anything out there for me when I’m this size and shape. I need the comfort factor. I crave the comfort factor but it is not fit for human consumption, which has me craving hibernation mode.

  7. Comfort is priority! I’m not a fashion queen and I’ll buy clothes off eBay or during sales. But it has to be comfortable. I tend to stick to a couple of brands now because my size is a bit weird too.

  8. I like to look smart and do enjoy dressing up when I go out as I have to wear a very boring uniform to work, but it has to be comfortable. Elastic waists and I are good friends. 🙂

  9. I agree with you that you can’t look at the number on the clothing, you have to see how it fits and feels. The more comfy you are, the more confident and attractive you will be!

  10. I too don’t like shopping. Till now my mother buy dresses for me. And my mom is vert modern kinda lady. She brings hot pants and loose tops for me. So I too love that outfit a lot… And I am very comfortable with that outfit.. 🙂 <3

  11. I wear what makes me happy too. Which probably makes me a terrible fashion blogger. But meh. And soft pants will ALWAYS be a win for me.

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