All The (minor) Funks

All The (minor) Funks

It seems like my extreme skill recently is getting into a small funk. They don’t last long but they’re tiring.


All The (minor) Funks


I already had a case of the nopes at the start of June, where too much happened in a short period of time and I was too tired to deal. Yesterday I had it again. A combination of sinus pain, food for dinner Sunday night that didn’t agree with me, and being tired from shoulder pain… I woke up Monday morning and just wanted more sleep.


And that was even after I reached one of my “I know I’m exhausted” trigger points – when I fall asleep on the couch and Ben can’t even wake me up to get me to brush my teeth or walk to the bed. I know he’s talking to me, and I can hear and understand him, but my brain writes it off as less important than sleep. So I sleep.


That used to happen a lot to me, but ever since I improved my sleep patterns a few years ago, it’s pretty rare. So when it does happen, I can now take it as a sign to rest more/sleep more/do less stuff. Having said that, two sets of nopes in one month doesn’t feel “acceptable” to me. But what is acceptable?


All The (minor) Funks


Practising Rest

I’m really not good at resting. Over the weekend I tried to do as little as possible to rest and reserve my energy. But that kind of depressed me. I don’t want to spend “my” days saving my energy for work days, and work days are for “others”. I’m far too selfish for that. This isn’t to say I hate my job or anything, I’ve got no problems with my job, I think I just wish it took up less hours of my week in commuting.


Or I’m just wiped out. Last week I had an errand or something on every single night after work. By Friday I was pretty mad. I don’t like doing things after work on the weekdays. I barely have any time at home awake during the week as it is. The week before last was pretty busy too, with CT scans and car service and other things. I guess maybe I’m just tired off the back of two busy weeks. I hate busy and I hate being tired.


It Hasn’t Been All Bad

I bought a secondhand, awesome new bag on the weekend. And all the thing that have gone on, well, they all needed to happen. It is nice to be ticking off things I neglected for two years while I was working part time and too poor to get necessary things done. I guess I wish I could remember that it’s nice to get things done. Or that getting things done energised me instead of drained me. Maybe that’s it. I’ve done too much energy draining things and not enough energy giving things. I had a giant pile of books out from the library for my staycation, and I’ve read exactly two of them. Maybe it’s time I made reading a goal for a week to make more “me” time and energy.


Do you struggle to balance what gives you energy vs what needs to be done?


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  1. Sleep and rest are such precious commodities aren’t they? And ones we’re so willing to toss aside for work or whatever else. My husband and I had a conversation about how we stupidly still think weekends are for doing all the ‘fun’ things but our bodies just want us to do ‘no’ things so we can make it through the main part of the week. Rest up!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I think that’s the balance I’m struggling with – I need more fun things and my body wants the “nothings”!

  2. I can completely relate to this Vanessa. I need to find more me time as I’m always on the computer doing things that I don’t hate (I love writing and social media) but they are not energising me in any way. Plus I’m going to bed too late so I’m always tired. I need to take a break and get back into walking and exercising and “filling my cup” again. Hope you break out of your funks soon x

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I have also let my walking slip a fair bit and need to pick that back up. I think it does help a lot.

  3. That doesn’t sound good at all. Keep resting up and taking it easy. I hope the results from your CT scan are good. #teamIBOT

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yeah the CT came back ok – some polyps but manageable with the right medications and steroids. I’ve been much better since I swapped types of hayfever meds!

  4. Oh honey, we are in minor-funk sync… Here’s to getting our mojo back ASAP x

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Or at least a mojito…

  5. When I was working the ‘corporate life’ I was so drained (being an introvert) that my weekends were desperately needed for solitude and recharge time. Of course I had no choice but to also do washing and housework but gee I didn’t cope well if there was a lot of social stuff thrown in. Recharge and rest time is SO important. BTW love your new bag!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I think that’s my problem. I just don’t have enough recharge time during the week. I am totally loving my new bag too 🙂

  6. I think I’ve been in a funk since February…and more so this month. I blame winter, being sick, commuting, and my job. I hear what you’re saying about the commuting taking up so much time. I wish I worked closer to home and wish I had flexible hours at work to earn what I was earning before! Sigh.

    Hope you can get out of the funk…and let me in on the secret as to how!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      For me I think if I had better sleep (slowly clawing that back), actually kept myself organised (stuff like breakfasts and lunches pre made for work) it would help a great deal with coping.

  7. It is great to tick things off, especially medical/dental stuff that we can put off, but it does add another layer of energy out. We had a very big few weeks of ‘dental drama’, caused by not going to the dentist for 5 years and putting off other things for 20+ years. I do feel lighter now that things are dealt with. But it does add extra pressure on top of normal busy. Here’s to the funk lifting.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      This week I’m still a bit tired but the funk is much further away. I think focusing on reading on my commute has been really helpful to me, and it has inspired a lot of blog posts too! I must have been in too much of a ‘get it ALL DONE’ space.

  8. I definitely know this struggle! Like you, I don’t hate my job, I just dislike all the time it takes from me. lol I work 12 hour days, so on those days pretty much all I do is work and sleep. I don’t mind being busy, but I hate being tired all the time.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      You’ve described it perfectly! The busy is fine, but the tired is not.

  9. It’s hard to get past all the busy to the things you truly want to do that give you energy. And sometimes even the things you love can seem like just another thing strike enough the never ending to do list. I generally take that as a sign that it’s time to organise a holiday or something else to really look forward to.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I have worked out I can take a few days off around the Ekka – so extra long weekend it will be! Usually my busy periods at work are when public holidays are on so this looks like a short break I wasn’t expecting.

  10. Busy just sucks the life out of you and don’t even get me started on the commute. Ahh. Rushing women’s syndrome is a real thing… I have no doubt! Rest up and recharge lovely xx

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I did spend another weekend mostly doing nothing…which was good. And kind of easier when the heater is on at home and it’s cold and windy outside 🙂

  11. It’s that work/life balance conundrum, isn’t it? Resting is an art in itself, I think. I’m trying to learn that resting isn’t a waste of time, it’s about recharging batteries and refilling our cup. You’re right it is “your” day, it doesn’t really matter how you spend that day as long as you invest in yourself. Here’s to a funk-free week 🙂

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