2016 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway!

Oz Comic-Con

It’s my favourite time of year again. We’re heading into peak nerd around the country. Which means it’s time for an Oz Comic-Con giveaway – for Brisbane and Sydney.


2016 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway!


2016 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway!

What I love most about running this giveaway is the excuse to pull out my favourite photo from nerd conventions gone past (this was at one maybe a decade ago, hence the sun fading on the photo – this was pre-digital people!) – when a bunch of Stargate actors jumped on me. I will never NOT find an excuse to pull this photo out:


Stargate Actors


And last year I also got to run a giveaway for Oz Comic-Con, and got free entry myself. So I paid for an upgrade when I was there to get a photo with an actor I totally flipping adore (also from Stargate):


David Hewlett and I


I look a little stunned in the photo haha. That’s what Stargate actors do to me when I meet them in person!


So, you probably want me to stop photo-bragging and want to know what is on offer, right?


The Competition


I have one weekend family pass for Sydney or Brisbane Oz Comic-Con 2016. Woo!


The Sydney event is on September 10-11 and you can find all the details here. The Brisbane event is on September 17-18, and the details are here.


So how do you win?


Take a look at either the Sydney or Brisbane guests, tell me who you want to meet and your dream conversation with them!



And now for the T’s & C’s:

  • This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part.
  • Open only to Australia residents – no travel costs are included in the prize. That means if you want to enter and travel to the event, you can, but all travel costs such as flights, fuel, taxis, accommodation, food, spending and anything else are your own responsibility. This prize is only for entry to Oz Comic-Con in Sydney or Brisbane.This competition closes 11.59pm AEST Saturday 27th August 2016. Winners will be announced Sunday 28th August 2016. Prize is not redeemable for cash. Prize is not transferrable. The Promoter is not responsible for the prize once they have been dispatched to the winner.

19 Replies to “2016 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway!”

  1. My body pump instructor is a crazy comic con-er and has won loads of awards for best costumes. I always look either uber stunned or pants wettingly excited when I meet a famous person I adore. That photo is a keeper!

  2. It’s something I have read about but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I am glad you have fun with this and I wish you the best time!

  3. My girls would go crazy for comic con! One daughter in particular is a huge comic book fan and all are crazy Star Wars fans. It seems to be growing in popularity here in Australia.

  4. I would love to go purely so I had somewhere to wear my TARDIS dress.

  5. Me and hubby spent god knows how many weeks watching all the seasons of Stargate SG-1. Loved it. Loved the follow up seasons too. Fabulous prize 🙂

  6. I would love to meet Karl Urban! I loved him in the Dredd remake and also in the new Star Trek series. I’d love to chat to him about how it is like working in the US as an Aussie actor, particularly filling those roles that have been made iconic before him.

  7. We would have trouble deciding who to see first! My kids are especially about the anime so that would be a pick. We would have loved to have seen the actress from i-Zombie – she’s so cool and that’s one of the first entire series we all watched together in this gentre – but I don’t think she’s coming to Brisbane. But it will still be awesome. Brisbane all the way for us!

  8. Ness, I have already commented …but am here today as part of #teamIBOT !

  9. I so want to go to this. I had tickets last year but was unable to go after my ACL operation and was seriously bummed. But Timothy Omundsen from Galavant will be there this year in Sydney and I would love to bust into a ridiculous song and dance routine with him, in honour of a beloved show cancelled way too soon!

  10. I so desperately want to be a geek and know all of the actors in the Sydney Comic Con website but alas, I don’t! Maybe I’ll break my Comic Con virginity and go this year. I would love to meet Keisha Castle-Hughes. Loved her in Whale Rider.

  11. Amelia McNeill says: Reply

    Nathan fillion would love to talk to him about the filming of dr horrible the other personalities involved and any stories of joss!!!

  12. my so has his head in comics everyday. He would love to meet Karl urban, as a trekkie geek he really liked him as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek

  13. LOL welcome to Geek Heaven! Not my scene, but I can see why it gets people pumped.

  14. Omg, My Husband and I would probably DIE to meet the one and only Robert Englund, at Brisbane Comic-con. The kids will come along, they’d have a blast! We love, love, love all things horror, and our conversation would be amazing! In our dreams we’d probably spend hours discussing all things horror movie! No nightmares for us!

  15. Who from that list would I want to meet? Robert Englund!! The opportunity to meet Freddy Kreuger in the flesh? I’m there! And, of course, I’d want to dress as Harley Quinn and wander around with my ass hanging out.

  16. I’d love to meet Devon Murray and ask if he was told to ‘Irish up’ his accent in Harry Potter!

  17. Robert Englund would be the Ultimate meet of a lifetime just to chat with him and ask what it was like to be the Bad Ass of the 80’s Horror Movies and Sci-fi Tv

  18. Thank you for linking up.
    I can’t enter but it looks so much fun.

  19. Karla Oleinikoff says: Reply

    Karl Urban at Brisbane! I’d talk his ear off, about the sad demise of Almost Human, his Star Trek movies, how cool his role was in Walking With Dinosaurs, and I’d LOVE for him to drop hints about his role in Thor:Ragnarok.

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