Beach Serenity

Beach Serenity

I’ve taken today off work to get some uni stuff done. So close, yet so far, is how graduating feels to me right now. I had no plans to wake up early, but of course I did. Even earlier than my usual alarm. I didn’t manage to fall back asleep so I found some clothes (I think from the dirty basket, whoops, but hey, it was early) and went to the beach.


Beach Serenity


I wasn’t early enough for the actual sunrise, but the sun was still pretty low. And spectacular:




But the other thing I did was video a bit of it. So if you’re inside today, or otherwise without a nature break, enjoy:



And hopefully one day in 2016 we’ll have NBN so it doesn’t take forever to upload a little bit of video!!


Enjoy your Friday. I’m going to go lock myself away and power through as much uni stuff as I can.


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  1. I love Spring and I am soooo looking forward to some great beach weather as we get closer to Summer! Great pics

  2. A beach morning sounds like an ideal way to start the day. Maybe one day here in Adelaide, the weather might be warm enough to consider venturing beach side.

  3. I’ve heard whisperings that they start digging for NBN in our neck of the woods in the next twelve months (meaning it will be two or more years before we actually get it), I’m a little bit excited!

    I saw the same low sun this morning walking the dog.

  4. Wowsers those beach images are beautiful. How nice to get there before everyone else. Good luck with the home stretch of your studies. Such an exciting (yet busy) time, I imagine.

  5. inthegoodbooksblog says: Reply

    We live about 40 mins drive away from our nearest beach, so it’s been a little while since I’ve seen one. Melbourne weather lately has been dreadful. I can’t wait for some warmer days down by the beach. Bring it on!

  6. Love low hanging clouds over the ocean. And even more magical when it’s sunrise. Power through that uni stuff!

  7. I’m not holding my breath for NBN where we are. Think I read somewhere that it’ll be 2020. Can’t even begin to tell you how annoyed that makes me!

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