Trying Times

Trying Times


Trying Times


Trying times can

Just be shit,

You know?


Would they be less


If we weren’t


For a fucking golden


To rescue us?


(Originally written 16/9/16.)


8 Replies to “Trying Times”

  1. Tell me more about the golden cloud. I need to find the golden cloud this week.

  2. Sad post and i know you are unwell. Being sick, as you have, for quite a while is incredibly draining on your inner resources. I hope things are better soon. Denyse #teamIBOT

  3. Oh shit is just shit, isn’t it?? And there’s a golden cloud?? I need to look up more often 😉

  4. I think we all have times when shit happens and we are looking for a golden cloud. Sending big hugs your way x

  5. Life sucks sometimes. I hope that golden cloud is on the horizon. x

  6. Being sick and having no real answers sucks balls. It feels never ending.

  7. Damn this whole chronic illness thing. I feel for you Ness. Try to keep your head up … there is blue sky up there somewhere. Just got to keep fighting through those damn clouds to find it.

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