2017 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway

2016 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway!

It’s my favourite annual competition that I’m lucky enough to run on this blog. Yep, nerdfest aka Oz Comic-Con. Which of course includes a ticket giveaway…


2017 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway


But naturally I have to take this annual occasion to share my two favourite photos of conventions past. Becuase they’re awesome.


David Hewlett and I at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane in 2015


Stargate Actors


Oh, so you’re more interested in the convention ticket competition than me showing off my photos? Ok.


2017 Oz Comic-Con


What’s up for grabs?

One weekend family pass, valued at $150.

This can be to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Yep – choose your closest city and that’s where you can go. If you win.


How do I win?

You have to answer the following question:


If you had an unlimited budget for Cosplay, who would you dress up as and why?


And now for the T’s & C’s:

  • This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part.
  • Open only to Australia residents – no travel costs are included in the prize. That means if you want to enter and travel to the event, you can, but all travel costs such as flights, fuel, taxis, accommodation, food, spending and anything else are your own responsibility.
  • This competition closes 11.59pm AEST Sunday 19th March 2017.
  • Winners will be announced Tuesday 21st March 2017.
  • Prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • Prize is not transferrable.
  • The Promoter is not responsible for the prize once it has been dispatched to the winner.

51 Replies to “2017 Oz Comic-Con Giveaway”

  1. Fun! What a great prize.
    Not for me. But fun for someone!

  2. I won tickets to this last year and loved it, even though I thought at first it wouldn’t be my kind of thing. It was fabulous!

  3. Kylii Davies says: Reply

    If cash was unlimited I would get lipo first (lol) and then build Heartseeker Ashe and Demonblade Tryndamere from the game League of Legends with myself and my partner.

  4. I went for the first time last year and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I’m still trying to decide who I’m going to dress up as this year.

  5. Unlimited budget?! I’d have to say Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn!

  6. Oh my goodness, that is a hard question. But before I think about it, I have to say….

    DR. MCKAY!!!!! I loooove David Hewlett and I am so jealous you got to meet him!!!!

    If I had unlimited money I would totally spend it on some plastic surgery so I could get all dolled up like Leia in her gold bikini, phwoar!!!! Pretty sure my husband would totally be onboard with that too!

    I went to my first Comic-Con last year and it was amazing, I am definitely keen to go again this year and take the girls!

    1. Oops, forgot to add #teamIBOT!

  7. Good Luck to everyone entering your amazing Giveaway! Oz Comic-Con is so much fun!

  8. I would have no idea what to dress up as or who other people were dressed up as so the ticket would be wasted on me! It does look like so much fun though. My claim to fame isn’t nearly as good as yours, but apparently my body pump instructor is a prize winning comic con-ner!

  9. I would dress up as a Arena season 3 warlock. from world of warcraft. And have the wings come out.

  10. Jareth the Goblin King from The Labyrinth because that mullet is spectacular and he was the sort of ‘weird’ that’s really captivating.

  11. Renee Ballantyne says: Reply

    Wonder Woman I have always loved Wonder Woman

  12. Mystique. I think it would be liberating to be covered in blue body paint from head to toe, walking freely among random like minded strangers in near next to nothing.

  13. Darth Vader, my unlimited budget covering a fully working light saber. Be nice to live out my Dark Side fantasies for a while.

  14. Khaleesi, Mother of Dragon’s, complete with true to life, robotic Dragon that I fly in on. She’s amazing, and even though I’m taller, I seriously think I could pull this look off.

  15. Bev mcmahon says: Reply

    Xena, me the warrior princess! Unlimited budget spending?$! to make me taller, thinner, younger, hair extensions, full major makeover, but hey a girl can dream!

  16. I would come as Optimus Prime. It’s a lot of hard work to put together but unlimited funds and assistance, it can be done!

  17. Bryan Rigby-Roberts says: Reply

    I would go as Scott Pilgrim. The costume may not sound like it needs an unlimited budget, but I would throw real coins on the ground every time I bumped into someone or something.

  18. Daniela Barbaro says: Reply

    I’d dress as Jupiter from the sailor moon show, I’d love to be super and sexy as

  19. christine speight says: Reply

    Chewbacca, so cool, I’d be incognito with nobody knowing it was me in the suit but everyone would be cuddling me and wanting photos

  20. One of the chicks from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Maybe Counsellor Troi in that cute little dress. Oh and I love her hair!

  21. Princess Leia in the gold bikini! Irresistible to all men! 🙂

  22. Lyndal Griffiths says: Reply

    I would love to make a dress that incorporates all the disney princesses into one, I have seen an artist drawing of this before and I think it could be possible, especially with unlimited money

  23. I’d dress as Justin Bieber….combining my two great loves…COSPLAY and RUNNING FROM ANGRY MOBS!!!

  24. She-Ra Princess of Power – pure style

  25. Roberto Colombi says: Reply

    Jabba the Hutt – the roles of fat are natural!

  26. If I had a limitless budget, it would not change my decisions on who/what I would cosplay as. I only cosplay characters that I could relate to and have meaning to me. It is the heart of the cosplay that matters not how you piece together your cosplay.

    To answer your question, it perhaps would be Chi from Chobits. Her child-like innocence makes her a lovable character.

  27. I would be batman . why cause i am batman

  28. Have to be my old friend Chewbacca been a BIG fan since a KID !!

  29. Jabba The Hut – I would definitely need an unlimited budget, coz that padded brown leatherette ain’t cheap!!

  30. Kristy winters says: Reply

    tankgirl.. comic version with tank shooting beer cans. I found tankgirl when I was 18 and i still love her at 40

  31. Matthew Clark says: Reply

    I would dress as Wolverine with the pop out claws to scare the crap out of everyone

  32. I would be BumbleBee, Hubby will be Optimus Prime, and my lovely kids are Jazz and Ironhide. Us dressed up to the nines, this years Comicon will be a wild ride!

  33. Roberto Colombi says: Reply

    Freddie Kruger of ‘Claws’ – love to be a “Scare’otypical character at Cosplay!

  34. As a large gentleman, I’d find it funny to dress as The Borg Queen only to walk around and shout “Dismantle Him” at randoms.

  35. Raven from XMen

  36. Raven Xmen

  37. I would dress up as Sailor Moon as she has always been my favourite character ever since I was young

  38. Fab prize. I’m still addicted to Final Fantasy XI, I’d invest my unlimited budget in a set of Valour armour, loved the blue and tanking was and is the best job. With an Excalibur sword on my back I’d be set for some fun and excitement.

  39. Adrienne HARRIES says: Reply

    Brisbane Oz comic con unlimited budget I’d dress as Red Queen
    She’s the best cosplay reenactment I’ve seen
    Red fiery personality and hair
    She’s awesome in her reign and without care

  40. Jean Grey from the original X-men. As she’s a recurrent host of the Phoenix Host, the costume won’t be complete without fire wings, so they’ll need to be tattered with a soldering iron on a low setting to give a blaze-like/fire effect! Love to win this prize – have always enjoyed Comic-Con! Thanks!

  41. I’d dress up as Rapunzel because all that hair isn’t going to pay for itself!

  42. Barbara Fehmel says: Reply

    I would dress up as “Dorothy the Dinosaur” because I want to revive my youth.

  43. Melissa Edwards says: Reply

    Harley Quinn for sure! It would be so fun to be her for a day 🙂

  44. Wonder women cause she such a great role model and has the coolest outfit

  45. I’d definitely go all out and build my own wearable Veronica (HulkBuster Armour) that Iron Man wears. It would have all the bells and whistles. Sydney please.

  46. Courtney Ganter says: Reply

    I would go as Jinx from LOL. Blue hair and a shark bazooka. Can’t get any more bad@ss than that 🙂

  47. Hela from the Thor comics. She has such an amazing costume with an incredible headpiece.

  48. Peta Newsome says: Reply

    I’d love to go as Totoro! He’s cute and cuddly and the costume would keep me warm. 🙂

  49. I’m struggling to think up a family outfit, short of Star Wars Episode 6, Han, Leia and Miss 2 as an ewok, but it would definitely be too hot for all that fur!!! For comfort one time I’d like to be Winrey Rockbell from FullMetal Alchemist or Kaylee from firefly because mechanics ???

  50. Amanda Casalanguida says: Reply

    Every year I go to ComiCon with my 10yr old son. This year he’s Assassin’s Creed CRACKERS so we’re (meaning me) putting together his Edward get-up. From scratch. Unlimited budget would help me with Assassin’s accessories. Boots, pistol holsters, knife cases.. all that tricky stuff. Thank you!!

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