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Well, Internet world, it has been an interesting week in my life. It reminded me that it’s good to know who you are and what you value, because sometimes people will shock you, and you need to know what to “come back” to, for lack of a better phrase. I guess what I mean is really at the heart of this blog, “we’re all normal to ourselves”. Knowing what that is helps you when you get wobbly.


I went to my doctor this week as my throat had been a sore for a few days and I was concerned. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t infected or anything. She said it looked fine, but there’s still a stitch in there. I only found out I had a stitch at all (my understanding is they use a burning method to get rid of tonsils at the hospital I went into, so I have no idea why only one side has a stitch) when I was at the ENT and they were showing a med student my throat and the ENT goes “See that black dot? That’s a stitch.” So anyway, I’ve been told to use Betadine a few times a day to eliminate infection risk of the “foreign body”. I actually have no idea if it’s supposed to have dissolved already or what happens if it doesn’t go away. Do I need a surgery to get a stitch out?! I assume maybe someone with skill will need to extract it, though hopefully without putting me under.


(Ick warning – if you’re queasy skip this paragraph!) I had a major trauma to my face at the end of primary school which involved stitching my gum up and I have a vague memory of having stitches pulled out through my gum while I was awake – and as far as I can remember, while I had no numbing. It was a strange feeling, especially when one got caught on the way out!


Anyway, I’ve got to say, I was really happy to have a medical student in the room when I was getting my post-surgery check up a few weeks ago. I like the idea of being an example for learning minds, because I get to slip in patient experience to inform them of the reality of what patients feel – in my experience, that tonsillitis for three months non stop was worse than post-tonsillectomy pain. The ENT looked shocked and I hope the unusual comment sticks in the med student’s head for a dose of reality and empathy when he’s seeing patients on his own one day. Yes, I like the idea of influencing minds! But in a good way. I’m not evil too often 😉


We’ll see what happens with my stitch and throat – for now I’m trying to gargle but kind of can’t, it’s like my throat can’t remember how to! Also, I’ve used Betadine so much this year that I’m getting a bit of a gag reflex to it, I don’t want to use it anymore! Though, if you actually enjoy iodine, then I’m calling you weird right now. So maybe it’s not odd that I don’t want to use the Betadine rinse.







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5 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 35”

  1. I really hope things are getting better. I enjoyed a GP placement when I was a med student. I remember so very distinct patients and experiences.

  2. Hopefully it’s all better soon! Must be horrible (because we swallow all the time!! No way you can forget that pain!)

  3. That doesn’t sound too nice! Hopefully you feel better soon.

  4. Ewwww! Undisolved stitches are a nuisance. I remember those post-childbirth! Hope you are getting your life back now. X

  5. Yuk…I hate having stitches anywhere but having one in your throat doesn’t sound nice. Hopefully it will do the right thing and just dissolve away!

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