3 Positive Content Creation Habits of Bloggers

3 Positive Content Creation Habits of Bloggers

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with blogging sometimes. Not only do we have content to create, but there are so many other activities such as website maintenance, social media and email marketing to think about.


3 Positive Content Creation Habits of Bloggers


3 Positive Content Creation Habits of Bloggers


Writing Regularly

While I am a fan of batching work (it really helps me balance working full time and being a blogger), I lose the ability to write “easily” if I don’t do it often. I might be writing a post every other day, but I will schedule them out so that I don’t publish 30 posts in one day and then nothing for three months.


Finishing Posts

Following on from the one above, a positive habit for bloggers is to actually finish creating the content. I am excellent at writing half a blog post and leaving it in drafts for years. Naturally, it ends up deleted as when I go back to it, I have no idea what on earth I was originally trying to say.


Sharing Posts

I used to use an “evergreen” scheduling tool to share old posts. It was pretty much 100% automated and it keeps my content going out there. But you know what I am bad at? Remembering to share my new posts! #headdesk No one will know you have a new post if you don’t tell them. You can tell them via your email newsletter, social media and heaps of other ways, but you still need to actually do that for people to see it. For me, I can see my failings in this area as a result of me lacking a system to share it. I’ve got a few ideas about how I will tackle this but only time will really tell what works.


What do you find is a positive habit for creating new content? 


8 Replies to “3 Positive Content Creation Habits of Bloggers”

  1. I tend to batch write mine as well – especially for the astro site – that one is the most content hungry. I spend every Friday writing & scheduling content in advance for that one.

    1. I couldn’t not batch. It’s the only way I can deal with work and blogging and life!

  2. Great tips! I’m bad at writing really far in advance. I might have one or two posts scheduled out but otherwise I write on the run. I work best under pressure. But it only works because I have two publishing dates set in stone.

    1. Whenever I go back to study, my ability to write major research essays in 24 hours comes into play! A deadline works for me then 🙂

  3. I write mine in chunks too – I feel inspired and type away furiously and then I can stop and breathe for a while until inspiration strikes again. And without social media I don’t think anyone would ever see what I write!

  4. I need to become better at sharing my posts, especially my old ones and I need to write more evergreen posts that can be shared over and over again.


  5. I have a few ideas for posts in drafts but since I have essentially moved to only posting on 2 days a week the content has not been hard to come by…maybe I should ‘thank cancer’ for that. Not.
    Anyway, I actually like stretching my brain for content ideas as well as staying topical and of interest to readers. Next week will probably be the ‘last one’ relating to my cancer for a while. I do not want to become ‘that blogger who only writes about cancer’. And another thing is that the only way to get my posts read by more is link ups. I keep forgetting your Friday one. Sorry!
    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek 31/52 and next week’s prompt is “Selfie Time”.

  6. I’m with you on always finishing posts. Also, I’ve now gotten onto batch writing. There are windows during the week when I’m free to write and I have been making the most of them.

    SSG xxx

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