What Is An Opt-In?

Another one of those words that aren’t always 100% clear when you start blogging is opt-in.


What is an opt-in?


What Is An Opt-In?


An opt-in is a newsletter offer that encourages readers to sign up. It can be many things (see below).


Why have an opt-in?

An opt-in creates extra value for your readers. It helps you to drive a personal connection with a reader while also offering them a solution to a problem they have.


What Can I Use As An Opt-In?

There are a variety of things that bloggers can use as an opt-in. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • eBook – great for personal bloggers or those with very story-based businesses
  • Checklist – works well for businesses, for example a real estate business could have a checklist of things to do before an open home
  • Video training – ideal for coaches or those who sell a specific service online


Do you have an opt-in for your newsletter? Share it below so others can get an idea of what offers readers like. 


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