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It seems I am a grandmother. Which may sound odd to read seeing as I’m 31, and don’t have kids. Based on some good suggestions from fellow bloggers, I started looking into water exercise classes.


Obviously my fitness level isn’t great after spending the last year with a low iron then tonsillitis ending in the big snip. My energy is returning decently and on work days I do what I deem a respectable 6-7k steps.


(I know the 10k steps thing is talked about almost too much, but I’m not a numbers gal, I’m a “hey cool I’m walking more most days” gal. I don’t walk in circles to finish hitting a goal each day. Also my phone is my step counter so my step count depends if I pick it up when I walk! Sorry, numbers are a personal bug bear of mine so I have to say this stuff when I start talking numbers.)


Anyway, back to being a grandmother! I am in no super hurry to run a marathon¬†tomorrow¬†so when looking for exercise I thought I’d look at whatever the “easiest” water class is on offer. Only they are all, all bloody all, in the middle of the day. You know, when I work. So I’m assuming they are targeted at retired people and therefore people who work full time can only do more high impact exercise.


It made me a bit cranky, honestly. Mostly because when I looked into hydrotherapy for my bursitis … guess what? All the sessions were in the middle of the bloody day.


So basically my quest for a “thing” to do is ongoing. We do have a standing bike ..uh.. thing? Adapter? But nowhere to keep it set up in the house. And there’s no way I’m setting it up each day cos that’s just a PITA.






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6 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 39”

  1. Thanks! Hope things are going better for you health-wise now?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      It’s all good. It’s soooo strange that after the stitch came out, I’m like…normal? haha.

  2. I love aqua aerobics – In summer there are evening ones tho?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Not at one pool, it seems. Quite disappointed! The other pool in my area doesn’t have a website (they’re a bit old school) so I’ll have to drop by and see what they offer and when.

  3. Can you walk in the walking lane at the pool?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Ooh I guess if they have one? I’m not too sure on pool etiquette.

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