To Swear Or Not To Swear?

The good and bad thing (depending on the topic!) about blogging is that there are no rules. Which means it’s hard to know what choice to make in some situations. Today we’re tackling the topic of swearing in blog posts.


To Swear Or Not To Swear?


To Swear Or Not To Swear?


Personal Choice

The first and most important question to ask is if you want to swear. It can sound a little silly to think of it that way, so it might be more helpful to ask yourself: Do you swear much in real life? If you do, then a swear word here or there may actually help readers to identify with you. However, if you don’t swear or have an audience that isn’t likely to respond to swearing, then just keep it clean!


Business Considerations

Do you want to work with brands? What sort of brands do you want to work with? If you’re looking at working with family friendly brands, then it’s worth considering not swearing in blog posts, because there’s a risk that you won’t match the company image. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; some bloggers swear and still have a lot of success with brands, but it is worth thinking about. 


This topic isn not meant to censor you, just to make you think and to ensure that you make an informed decision about your choice to swear or not on your blog.


Do you swear on your blog? Are curse words a no-no if you’re a blog reader?


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11 Replies to “To Swear Or Not To Swear?”

  1. I am not normally one to curse, the worst that might come out of my mouth is a shit. The same goes with my blog, I write how I would speak normally. I have read blogs that swear a lot and often, I think half of it is unnecessary to get the point across.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I guess that’s what has always intrigued me about this – can we use the word necessary when it’s down to preference/habit of speaking?

  2. I may use shit or bugger in my writing every now and then, just as if I would if I was having a conversation. Anything stronger than that I would not use and nor would I not follow a blog that continually used strong expletives.

  3. I’ve never been able to write swear words. Ironic given the number of times I say them under my breath…

    SSG xxx

    1. I’m the same!! Can’t write it (unless in a closed group or private chat) but happy to vocalise aaaaallllll day. I think it stems from not swearing in front of my parents and I know they follow me on social media and the blog.

  4. I do not swear on the blog mostly because I tend to think that it’s not me – I do swear but only when extremely aggravated. I tend to think that those bloggers who do use f- words have an audience which accepts that. I have always written in a conservative manner and for a family-friendly audience. Ironic though that I have “chipped” my 3 oldest teens & 2 yo for the amount of swearing in their on-line presence – one has a Youtube and others have IG. I just accept it is part of their lexicon but I don’t have to like it. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 39/52. Next week: Letter to My 20 year old Self.

    1. I wonder if teaching tends to make swearing something you just can’t do, so you just never do?

  5. I think a use of swearing in blog post is sometimes unnecessary, just like sometimes it is overused in movies. I’m not saying this because I don’t swear (you should hear me sometimes!) but just that there is a time and place for it!

    1. There is a lot of personal preference in it so it’s hard to find a balance that suits how you are and how your readers are.

  6. I swear occasionally on the blog but not as much as I swear while speaking! I guess it’s just different when I’m writing. 🙂

    1. Difference voices for both – that’s interesting.

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