Your Life, Your Choice, Your Path

Sick days give me too much time to think. It’s only 8.45am and already the internet is filling my head with questions.

The internet seems so full of basic “how to” posts. Which is fine when you want to learn something new. But as soon as you’re looking up something that you have some basic knowledge of, the quality of the information (let alone the quantity & therefore finding it) declines. To a degree, I’m fine with that. I believe society devalues skills enough already, I don’t want your decade of experience to be free. But there are are so many people out there that, by sheer quantity of numbers, you’d think it’d be easier to find intermedia knowledge of your chosen topic.

That’s not even the main thing I was thinking about. So many websites are all about justifying your life to others. “Why I chose to be a stay at home mum” or “Why working from home is good for you”. There are a hundred variations of these, and a million more questions like these. All are being answered by bloggers or on opinion news sites. In theory this is good. But I kept seeing them this morning and it made me annoyed. Maybe my annoyance tolerance is low already due to this hacking cough I have. Either way, I wish people would stop justifying what they do.


I’m going to make a few assumptions here: that you are a fully functioning adult of legal age to be independent wherever you live. If so, then I automatically presume that you thought through at least the main options of what you do (or whatever it is that you are justifying in a blog post). Please, stop justifying that you made a choice, I’ve always presumed you did.

Adulthood can suck. But the best part, and I think the most overlooked part, is that unlike growing up, you have the power to change the parts of your life that you don’t like. Sure it might take a while, but it’s not impossible. Your path is up to you! I trust that you know yourself & have made the right choice for you. Now, trust yourself!

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  1. And the great thing is that if the path you chose isn’t working out the way you want, you have the power to change direction. Maybe circumstances dictate that you can’t change EVERYTHING in a 180 degree turnaround, but there are always little things you do have power over to make a difference.

    That said, maybe you are feeling dick and grumpy, because I DO find that writing about my decisions helps me to clarify WHY I have made a decision and what has influenced me, and what some of the impacts of that decision are. Self-indulgent writing, yes, but beneficial on a personal level too

    1. That’s a good point, I don’t want to take away from anyone writing in order to work out where they’re at. I guess I just wish for people that they were always confident in their path. Perhaps a bit naive to assume that?

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