Pinterest Etiquette

Pinterest is growing… but are you using it well? There are a few main etiquette based tips to help you get the most out of this social media platform.


Pinterest Etiquette


Pinterest Etiquette


Correct Links

Make sure that every single thing you pin leads back to the original site where the photo or article came from. This is really important as it looks like Pinterest is setting itself up to rival Google as a search engine in the future – so do yourself a favour and make sure you have quality there right now.


Does your Pinterest need some help? I can help you with that help!


Clone Sites

Like almost anything, when something becomes popular, clones begin to appear. On behalf of pretty much all Pinterest users everywhere, please make sure that your pin doesn’t link to another pinning site. And yes, this is kind of a duplicate of the first bit of advice, but it is very important. Not to mention very frustrating when you come across it!



If you pin from a site like Tumblr, make sure that you use the permalink, not the feed.


Need help finding the permalink on Tumlbr? Here’s how.


This also goes for blogs – even if the full post is visible on the home page of the blog, make sure you click on the link to that specific post before pinning it.


These small tips will not only help you become a good Pinterest user, but viewed as a high quality one as well.


Have you observed any Pinterest etiquette that needs to be brought up? Let us know in the comments! 



5 Replies to “Pinterest Etiquette”

  1. Have you had any success with Tumblr? I don’t think I quite get it.

    1. I’ve really only ever gone so far as to reserve usernames just in case, and not really used it. Sometimes it seems to have a really great community on it but I’ve never spent much time there.

  2. I’m very new to the whole pinterest for business thing, and have barely got my head around the basics needed to build a thriving community there.

    1. Oh your blog would be so perfect for Pinterest 🙂 I have a bunch of posts about how to get started so keep an eye out for them. Like most things, keeping it simple when you start is key.

  3. Oh gosh I have a pinterest account but only because I want to “share more” and yet I forget to do so. I cannot get into the rabbit-hole that some people do but I think your tips are most helpful.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 43/52. Next week: My Last Year at High School.

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