How To Repurpose Content On A Personal Or Lifestyle Blog

How To Repurpose Content On A Personal Or Lifestyle Blog

For a while here on my personal blog, I always just kind of presumed that people saw my posts across all social media. I don’t know why, because if I had stopped to think about it, I would have realised it wasn’t likely. It was just an assumption I made and never thought further about.


However, it did eventually occur to me that it’s very easy for people to miss things. And the best way to keep people up to date is to repurpose a little bit of content.


How To Repurpose Content On A Personal Or Lifestyle Blog


How To Repurpose Content On A Personal Or Lifestyle Blog


I feel a lot of bloggers put pressure on themselves to make sure that every single bit of information we share is 100% new. And really, there’s no need for that.


Lifestyle and personal blogs are especially easy to repurpose content from.


Here are some easy suggestions on how you can do that:

  • Share one photo from your latest home decor blog post on Instagram
  • Saw a great sunrise? Instagrammed it? You can blog about the serenity you saw/felt.
  • Had a great holiday? Do up a blog post about it and pin one picture from it per day on Pinterest for some ongoing traffic.
  • Do a weekly wrap up post of what has gone well for you – you can reuse Facebook status updates, Instagram photos and anything else that suits you.
  • Adapt a cocktail recipe from your blog into a shareable infographic for social media


What way to do you repurpose content?


11 Replies to “How To Repurpose Content On A Personal Or Lifestyle Blog”

  1. I’m starting to share our England holiday this week, but showing the buildings rather than the other things we saw. Makes it relevant to our audience, but also is a little easier to write, and a break is very welcome 🙂

    1. Anything that makes it easier for you, especially right now, sounds good. Plus it’s probably why the international reno shows are so popular too – you get to kinda sneak into other places and see what they get in a house! I loved your photos on Instagram while you were away so I can’t wait to see your posts 🙂

  2. These are great tips – I usually upcycle my FB/ IG posts into my monthly Taking Stock on the blog. I might try the holiday/Pinterest tip next 🙂

    1. Oh yes, you have heaps of holiday photos to share, that’s perfect for you!

  3. I like your ideas for refresh what I share. Thanks Vanessa! You are a most helpful person to this blogger!! Your comments today nailed what I need to do on my post and I liked how it resonated for me too! Cheers, Denyse x

    1. I’m glad it helped 🙂

  4. Great advice! I often use my instagram posts to trigger blog post ideas.

  5. Great tips, lady! I love to streeeeetch my content as far as I can for each post. It’s just silly to use it once and forget it even happened, or to assume that even a small percentage of our audience actually saw it.

    1. Especially on Facebook these days haha.

  6. I’m always anxious about resharing content. Your tips make lots of sense, I might give it a go this week! #teamIBOT

    1. Yep, safe to say not everyone has seen everything you share. Just overshare away – after all, we are bloggers 😉

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