Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

Have you ever wondered if your blog should have a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page? Or should it have both?


Facebook Group vs Facebook Page


Facebook Group vs Facebook Page


Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are a good public way of interacting with your fans. However, Facebook is a business and the post reach is going way, way down. So far that a concrete boot analogy is relevant here.


This doesn’t mean you can’t run a successful Facebook Page (or that you shouldn’t have one), but you do have to be aware that it will require a lot of work to grow your fans. Facebook is interested in advertiser dollars, so realistically you’ll probably have to budget for running some Facebook ads to grow.


Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are (so far) fairly untouched by algorithm and reach issues. They are (for now, at least) a fairly unmonetised part of Facebook.


Facebook Groups used to be primarily used for networking, such as blogging groups where you could discuss industry trends or ask for advice in tricky or unfamiliar situations.


These days, people are using Facebook Groups to grow their fan base and interact in a more private manner. The privacy levels available to groups vary a bit, so you’ll need to decide which suits your requirements if you choose to go down the Facebook Group path.


Do you prefer using Facebook Groups or Pages?


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  1. I like the interaction in the “Cooking for one” Facebook group which I admin.

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