Always Share Your Own Posts

Blogging and self-promotion. Ah. Welcome to the minefield. Rules upon rules upon rules. Rules that are rarely written down. Invisible faux pas just waiting to be made.


Ok, it’s not really that scary.


I believe you should always share your own posts


Always Share Your Own Posts




Because no one will read them if you don’t let them be found online!


Just make sure you share in a reasonable ratio to how much you interact. I’m sure if you went to Google, you could find a percentage that would teach you how often to promote yourself. But here’s the thing: numbers are great, if you count them. Are you actually going to sit down and regularly count how much you tweet and work out a ratio of how many are interactive and how many are self-promoting? I don’t have time for that. And I’m a qualitative person. Maybe a numbers person will go count their tweets.


I use a gut instinct. For example, I’m more active on Twitter than Facebook, so I promote more on Twitter. It evens itself out. If you use a platform less, share less on it.


I think the only exception here might be Pinterest. As Pinterest is a social media platform about links more than short platform-specific broadcasts, you can easily share your own posts in a much faster succession if you have the right mix of boards to share them to.


You can read more of my Pinterest tips here.


Of course, you also need to be aware of and rules in a shared space. Facebook groups often have a specific thread in a group where where you can share, or only on one day of a week. Respect these rules!


Do you ever hesitate to share your own posts?


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