How to Use Pinterest for Blog Post Inspiration

There’s something about Pinterest that just makes getting to blog posts easier. Or maybe it’s that I’m usually lying comfortably in bed an using my iPad…I’m not sure!


But Pinterest has become more than that to me, especially when it comes to getting content ideas.


Pinterest has become a great source of  blog post inspiration. There are so many gaps I see in tips articles, especially for my (much neglected) travel blog Suitcase Scribbles. To a smaller degree, I see it also for posts about blogging too.


How to Use Pinterest for Blog Post Inspiration



How to Use Pinterest for Blog Post Inspiration


Using Pinterest for blog post inspiration is something that comes to be as I use it. It’s not a strategic thing and I don’t sit down, use Pinterest and look for inspiration.


Why Pinterest?

I think Pinterest works well for me in this area because it’s a high density of posts in one place. Pinterest is designed for you to find blog posts – so when you’re using Pinterest, it’s like an automatic high intensity exercise in your topic area. It puts you in the frame of mind of your topic. Of course inspiration can come anywhere, but it’s this density that makes it work well for me.


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What To Look For?

The inspiration that you take away from someone else’s blog post 100% depends on your topic. For my poor, neglected travel blog, I’m often seeing things like:

  • On board packing lists that leave out items I wouldn’t travel without
  • Tips that are very relevant in one country but not in another
  • Location based-apps


For blogging posts:

  • Out of date information
  • A blog post where the content doesn’t match the title
  • Links to relevant resources for different countries (especially legal/copyright)


Have you ever used Pinterest for blog post inspiration? What tips do you have for getting ideas for blog posts based on what you’ve read?


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