Why I Won’t Start a Facebook Group

With the Facebook page algorithm reducing views of posts to nearly zero, Facebook groups have become a popular way to get better engagement with your readers/possible readers.


Why I Won’t Start a Facebook Group


Why I Won't Start a Facebook Group


One main reason: because I don’t have the time to dedicate to one. If you have a Facebook group, you need to be on there, active and giving value. That all takes time.


I am in far too many groups. And most of them I don’t engage with, because they’re pretty boring and quiet, or full or spam. It’s on my “digital to declutter” list. The good ones are where the group owners interact and moderate. A lot. It is time consuming to give that much to your community. As someone with a full time job, I just literally do not have that much time in my day, which means that I know my own community would fail if I started one.


I ┬ádecided long ago that for me the only way I would start one is if it is paid. Perhaps part of a course, perhaps part of a group coaching type set up. There are many ways. But I want people to be committed to it and for me to be committed to it too! And that’s just not going to happen with a general Facebook group.


Do you run a Facebook group for your blog? How do you find the time to manage it well?


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  1. No, for the same reason – time! Though with FB cracking down on showing pages in newsfeeds, I may switch to a group instead of having a page …

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh the advantages of groups over pages in engagement are huge, but the effort…still not something I can see myself having space for! Or wanting to make space for, as might be the actual case ­čÖé

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