Crisis Communications 101 For Bloggers

Sometimes, not all goes smoothly on the internet.


Crisis Communications 101 For Bloggers


Crisis Communications 101 For Bloggers


Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot.

Things can move very fast if something is going wrong, and you will want full and complete records. Social media in particular makes it easy for people to delete comments, tweets and so on. While things are generally recoverable, the simplest solution


Get Help

Depending on the situation, get help from a blogging friend to manage the situation (including taking screenshots for you). If it’s serious legally, contact a legal professional.


Tip: If you think there are legal issues, I would screenshot only until you have received advice about replying. You don’t want to make things worse.


If you are getting personal threats, contact law enforcement. Blogging is usually a solitary act, but when things have gone wrong, call in favours and get help.


Anticipate It

The risk of having a crisis in communications depends on what you blog about. If, for example, you blog about hot-button topics, then you will probably be more likely to need a plan than someone who doesn’t talk about controversial or topical issues. Know your comment policy. Know what you will do (including how you will notice it) if you go viral or get backlash. Having a plan – even if it’s a few small notes in your phone – will help to guide you rather than let you panic if things go badly.


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