Did I lie?

Ever since telling you thatI’m ba-ack I haven’t posted much. Whoops. Sorry for lying.

Work is draining me right now. I’ve succeeded in geting a 6 month contract for next year, thankfully in an area at least relating to my education. But currently I’m tying up the loose ends of the job I’ve had since March this year.

I also kind of agreed to help out another team while someone is overseas. Boy am I regretting that! No one told me that this place I work does it’s financial year to a calendar year, so I’m flooded from all directions with long, boring & usually incorrect requests.

Not to mention staff who do things like get a pallet of stock delivered to an office building when it should have gone to a field site – and then call me to go meet the delivery guys to return it because they were too scared. It’s just been a *headdesk* few weeks.

I was looking forward to having some time off work (even if it is unpaid), but now we have a family member in hospital, so I expect I’ll be spending time there visiting.

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