Doing and Learning


Loving reading about people at ProBlogger Event 2012 – everyone making notes, tweeting and updating their website on the fly. Learning and implementing at the same time – that’s what being connected and technology has brought us – fantastic opportunity to DO while we learn.

I read in the past that someone thought it was ok that they charge a client for the time they spent learning to do the job they were hired for. No! That’s not ok! If I’m hiring you to do something then I expect you to be able to do it. And do it well, to the standard we’ve agreed upon.

However, I do believe in fair payment, and that fair payment includes not only the money it takes for you to do the job, but also the time it takes you to run your business and invest in your professional development. TO A DEGREE! I don’t expect to be charged for all your professional development. Good (usually large) companies allow staff around 10% of their work time to be for professional development. I think this is reasonable for contract work too.

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