Advice On Finding A Blogging Niche

Some people start blogging because they have the need to write and publish. Others start is to help their business. The reasons why you might start a blog vary, and the reasons why you keep blogging might change over time.


Whatever your reason for starting a blog (or if you have no reason!), one of the first things you’ll come across is advice on finding an blogging niche. There are a few ways you can approach this.


Advice On Finding A Blogging Niche


Advice On Finding A Blogging Niche


Don’t Have A Niche

Let’s tackle the unpopular idea first – how about you don’t have a niche? Sometimes writers and bloggers just need to write and blog. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I consider this blog nicheless. Yes, there are some things I talk about more often than others, but very few things are actually off limits.


Have a niche

Love a topic? That’s what you’ll write about. I started Bloggers and Bacon because I found myself talking about blogging a lot on my personal blog. Cue some great name inspiration (if I may say so myself!) and there you have it! (Of course now I’ve rolled it back into NormalNess, but hey, choices and goals change over time.)


A Demographic

There is a great case study about this on the ProBlogger blog. Basically, it means that instead of targeting a niche (eg, fashion), you target a section of people (eg females aged 30-35).


What your niche is will depend on what your goals are.


Do you have a defined blogging niche? 


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