Are You the 1%?

Originally published on Bloggers and Bacon in 2016


Post ProBlogger was always a great time for blog post inspiration. High off spending the weekend with people who GET what you do, ideas flow.


Like I’ve said before, the key thing is to make sure you publish blog posts.


Write down all of those ideas. Write out the posts.


Are You the 1%?


Are You the 1%?


A stat that Carly & Chrissy mentioned in their talk was that 90% consume but don’t participate, 9% interact & 1% are content creators.


Are you the 1%? I try my hardest to be. My goal was 3 posts per week on Bloggers and Bacon and 4-5 posts per week on my personal blog.


But post ProBlogger I was crashing and burning. Two blogs, two postgrad subjects, two part time jobs. I hate busy but sadly sometimes that’s what you are. To me, busy is an undesirable state that leads to stress, and stress leads to health problems for me. So I took the signs of busy and stress and looked at my life. I decided to withdraw from the postgraduate degree I was studying. I wasn’t enjoying it, I wasn’t learning anything and it was adding not value, but stress to my life.


It was stopping me from being in that 1%.


If you blog for hobby, pleasure, profit, discipline or anything in between, you need to be able to create content. You need space and organisation somewhere in your life to be able to create. That doesn’t happen when you’re stretched thin with what is already in your life.


How do you balance blogging and consuming? 


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