Random Weekend Chats From My Car #14

Another vlog! Because! 


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #14


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #14


This video includes two possibly strange things: how I measure my hair and dancing. I would say enjoy, but that might be the incorrect thing to say…



For those of you curious how long it takes to make a vlog like this – I set a timer! From importing the files (for some reason it works best if I import to photos, and then to iMovie) to finishing editing, it took 20mins. The entire thing – editing, blog post text, blog images, custom thumbnail for YouTube and uploading, took 42mins (most of that extra 22mins was uploading time). Filming doesn’t really take time in this style, because I’m doing it while doing other things, such as walking – so I haven’t included it in this.


Editing for me is quite simple – I import the files, drag them into the order I want, trim each clip (basically that means cutting off the bits where you can see my finger press the stop and start button), raise or lower the volume, and add a few bits of text where needed. I don’t do any sort of colour correction, colour matching or refilming. 


Do you like going to the hairdressers? How do you measure how long your hair is? Do you want to vlog?


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  1. Hi Vanessa thanks for the info on how to do the vlog and how long it takes to prepare something similar to what you have done. I would like to do more of these but baulk a the idea because it seems to much like hard work. You have inspired me. have a great week!

  2. I hate the sound of my voice so vlogs are mostly out! 😛

    Had to laugh at how you measure the length of your hair. I measure it based on bra strap i.e. at bra-strap, longer than bra-strap, shorter than bra-strap. And yes, for someone who doesn’t like their hair touched/cut, you do have long hair! 😛

  3. I’m not good at going “live” on FB or vloging but I always admire people who are willing to put themselves out there and be real. It’s always interesting to see and hear the face and voice behind the blog. Interesting too, to see how long it takes to make a 2 minute or so video.

  4. I found it really interesting as to how you do this. I’ve been thinking about vlogging as an option for my astro stuff but had absolutely no idea how or where to start.

  5. I don’t like going to the hairdresser! If I notice it comes down to my armpits, that’s usually time to get it cut although I like your way of measuring it!!

  6. I love going to the hairdresser – the hair wash and the head massage are my favourite! Those tops look fab on you – you totally nailed the trying on style!

  7. If you had short hair, you’d have to get it cut even more often! Love your trying on clothes technique which is so much better than mine (I don’t try anything on, ever!).

  8. Zucking shopping centres, I feel your pain! I need a haircut so bad too, I’m pretty sure I can get my hair around my head too! And I have super thick hair and it’s been about a year since I had mine cut so it really needs some thinning out! Might do it tomorrow so I can keep to my promise of avoiding shopping centres in December!

  9. Good on you Ness. I like how you make the best vlogs so you can teach us. Haircuts help I reckon. You must feel a load off from the weight. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is Taking Stock. Denyse.

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