There’s Nothing Like Space

Some people might think it’s excessive for two humans to live in a four bedroom house, but it has been the best thing ever.


There’s Nothing Like Space


There's Nothing Like Space


I love having so many separate spaces. It was always what I thought I needed, and it has turned out to be true.


I like having a bedroom that is just for sleeping in.


A study where I can write, podcast, vlog, and store all the equipment for those things. I don’t have to be considerate of someone else needing the equipment or desk space.


The other study where the other person can do the exact same. Set things up as you need and use them and just leave them there.


A spare room of mixed purpose. Games, tv, a spare bed for when someone is sick or needs to stretch out on their own.


A kitchen with defined walls and space to move about as you cook.


The lounge room with space for the couches we like, so that we’re not buying couches for the sake of the room size/shape.


It’s selfish in the best interpretation of the world and I love it. 


There’s nothing like space for an introvert and I hope to never give it up.


3 Replies to “There’s Nothing Like Space”

  1. Oh yes! I have a dedicated office space that I love and we have a separate TV room because sometimes you don’t want to watch with anyone other than the dog. Space is the epitome of luxury in my humble opinion. #teamlovinlife

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I have a big house with lots of room – and we use them all, and I love it. No apologies from me for loving all the space, and I’m an extrovert!!

  3. I have to agree with you about spaces–each one for its own use. But, then, hubby says I tend toward OCD (but he’s just silly!)

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