What Is A Tweet Chat?

What Is A Tweet Chat?

Less of a “thing” these days, tweet chats were all about finding a great group of people to chat to on a common topic.


What Is A Tweet Chat?


What Is A Tweet Chat?


A tweet chat is a conversation (or chat!) on twitter. I know. Too simple?


Usually they are scheduled at a specific time and have a specific topic. There are usually a few moderators, who can be sharing one account or tweeting from their own accounts.


Often, at the start of a tweet chat, the moderators will let you know their personal accounts, in case the volume of tweets gets the main account temporarily suspended. I’ve actually never seen this happen, but I know of some tweet chats where the moderators seem wary of this, so I’m guessing it has happened in the past and that’s why they take precautions.


Tweet chats can be branded promotional exercises sometimes, though this should be obvious when you view a tweet chat by the brands engagement with the people following along.


A moderator will usually ask a series of questions. One every 5 or 10 minutes seems to be the average. They will be things like:


Q1: What time of day do you blog


And you answer with:

A1 I blog in the mornings (then insert the tweet’s hashtag).


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