Episode 4 – Reading Unfamiliar Stories (That You Wrote)

The NormalNess Podcast

The NormalNess Podcast – Episode 4 – Reading Unfamiliar Stories (That You Wrote)


The NormalNess Podcast


I came across a story I had written around a decade ago and it was unfamiliar to me. It was so weird. I wanted to share it and ask if this had ever happened to others.


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Hello, and welcome to Episode Four. If I sound a little different today, it’s because I’m recording on my regular old headset while I go for a little walk. And when I just capture this file, it was still in my head because it was something I hadn’t really experienced before. And that was that. I’ve recently been pulling together a bunch of old writing.


And this has been from hearing multiple computers, have USB drives and just horrific things over the years, which is everywhere. And I pulled that one particular case and it was labeled number NaNoWriMo 2010. So obviously, it’s a piece of writing that I worked on for that I ran my in 2010. But it was completely unfamiliar to me. I don’t remember the story. I don’t remember writing it. I yeah, it’s something I’ve actually never experienced before.


And it’s something I wanted to share, because it’s really interesting to get to read your work from the perspective of someone who’s never read it before. And I just can’t think of any other instance where that has happened to me or could happen. Why this story in particular was one I can’t remember. I can actually remember the 2010 story, 2009 ones had to hit ago, more than I can the 2010 one, which is the one I can’t remember. So why didn’t stick my head? It’s PNV you know, obviously it’s not arrived. My point is to get the words out. So I wanted to know where it was going with it because I some interesting things in there and we know it need editing to make it a publishable story.


But that’s interesting. Where am I going with that? What’s going to happen? I feel like I was laying the groundwork, a ton of foreshadowing and I don’t know what for. See, I just wanted to put this out into the, you know, writing community has it Has this ever happened to you before? Tell me about it. Tweet me Facebook. Yeah, I bet just be really interested to learn if anyone else has experienced this because it’s fascinating to read your own work as a stranger. And now I’m wondering, do I leave the story where it is or do I think you might dig into that further and see where I take it with a you know, decade’s worth ofextra knowledge on hand.


And I’m really interested to hear feedback if this ever happened to you, because this was the first for me.

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