Randoms 20

You know how supermarkets gather data on you from loyalty cards? I wish someone would combine your common purchases with an app that shows everything that is on sale (not just what is in the catalogue) and make you an automated shopping list. That way you know exactly where to go for an item you need. Of course, capitalism is dumb so how dare the data gathering be for the benefit of the customer? What was I thinking!? I should just delete that entire paragraph and shush myself in to a high paying corner.


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Randoms 20


You know what shits me about car parks? They’re a place you can guarantee that every driver turns into a pedestrian (and then back again, I guess) and yet they’re the most pedestrian unfriendly places. What idiot forgot that aspect?


I know I wrote a post about it ages ago, but I wish people didn’t apologise for how food looks. Food existed before Instagram, ok?


Some people are hammering stakes in across the road to support trees. Meanwhile I feel shamed because I haven’t stepped a few metres into the front yard to tie the lemon tree branch up.


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