Four Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing

Four Things I'd Like Humans To Stop Doing

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Four Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing


Four Things I'd Like Humans To Stop Doing


“FREE” Things On Second Hand Sites

Hello humans. Please grow a pair. A pair of anything, because you have nothing and are lacking in that way. How hard is it to make up a price for the item you are selling? Let me tell you – it’s very easy. It’s almost like you can search said second hand sites for what others are selling similar items for and gasp – make an educated guess. But noooooo, your item is special.



You’d think I’m going to pick on children here, but only slightly. Yes, I find it a bit befuddling when the children next door go from laughing to screaming in a split second, but mostly I mean things that are inexplicably “sanctioned” by the world. Things like parking in a shopping centre and the music is blasting your ears before you even get out the car. Or wanting to watch a video online entirely or partially composed of pretty scenery, but that is somehow “boring” so they spice it up with thumping music. WHY?!


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Endless Hoop Jumping

Hey business, I don’t work for you. Make your systems thoughtless and easy for the customer. I shouldn’t need to know your corporate structure in order to know how to use your system. Also, if you have a returns policy and knowledge of our law in this area, actually like comply with it? It’s the little things…


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Reply To Your Customers

I was once trying to buy a product. I knew some products had something that we’ll call Feature X. It wasn’t clear from the sales page or the manual if the product I was looking for had Feature X. So I reached out to the company. And. Never. Heard. Back. Do you think I’m buying your shit now? If you couldn’t respond to a customer who was ready to buy, I assume it would be a cold day in hell before you would reply to a customer with a problem. Bye-bye.


I know you have something you’d like humans to stop doing… go on, tell me what one is!!


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