Ten Billion Butterflies of the Apocalypse

I legally left the house yesterday to go buy (legal) drugs.


Ten Billion Butterflies of the Apocalypse


I don’t have a store I go to – for anything. I go to wherever is convenient to where I am when I remember I need or want something.


Right now I might leave the house with the aim of going to a pharmacy, but I assess the carpark and (if visible) the store to see how busy it is before I will leave the car.


My general life theory of humans = eww is socially acceptable for now.


Anyway, the first pharmacy I drove to …well the car park looked packed. So I drove on. Wasn’t even going to try it. Started driving and trying to think of a pharmacy that wasn’t next to either a doctors or a supermarket. 


But then the butterflies came. 


Seriously, I have never seen so many. I was driving along the beachfront in a slow zone and there were just so many. They kept going. Or coming. I don’t really know. Or maybe both the car and the butterflies were both coming and going?


I can only assume the ten million butterflies are a sign of the apocalypse. 


Disease … nah not apocalypse. 


Butterflies … totally apocalypse.


(Oh I did eventually get drugs in a quiet pharmacy.)

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