Land of “Experts”

Land of Experts

Oh dear, the land of experts has hit me again. This time it was someone without a degree telling me how to reference when they’ve never fucking been to university. And it was a joke. And it was based on a facebook memory from four fucking years ago.


Advice isn’t advice when you look stupid giving it.


At least I am the one who started a website offering sarcastic advice. Also, that’s some writing I’m really proud of. I logged back into it for the first time in ages recently and I’m like damn, you go! (I have since deleted the website because I got sick of maintaining so many sites, but I’ll be republishing the content here over time.)


I know my advice is from me, with my biases and based on my experience. This person just had no fucking clue.


It’s the equivalent of someone saying “Ugh I’m dehydrated from forgetting to drink water this afternoon” and they’ll go “Oh glasses of water are a great way to fix it” and you’ll be wanting to scream “OH REALLY FUCKING DUH THAT WAS LITERALLY PART OF MY POST. I KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM AND SOLUTION IS SO GO AWAY”.


Land of Experts

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