March Creative Contemplations

Defining the impact of actions in a creative business feels impossible. I was “asked” to do this via a webinar I attended this month.


But why does it feel impossible? Is it because I hate “SMART” goals? Or is it just a bit uncomfortable to question your own creativity in this manner? And I guess what I mean by “this manner” is attaching capitalist worth to creative things in my brain.


I think I like the middle of a trilogy best. There’s a sense of familiarity and adventure. If I think to Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games book, I enjoy that one because it builds the world in the first part. There’s more “day to day” life happening.


I grew up on Stargate SG-1. When I was in one of my recuperating situations this month, I re-watched a classic episode, Heroes. Without including spoilers, it was such a good two-parter, but good in the awful way.


Why is expert the only “valid” place to be? Don’t you want to be learning your entire life?

We can’t know everything and never will. I feel expert and learner are too opposite to use together.


March Summary:

Reading: Stealing Time by Rebecca Bowyer

Gaming: Animal Crossing

Watching (I’m a big re-watcher): Stargate SG1, Superstore

Creating: Systems so I actually remember to publish things

Writing: Not as much as I wanted to




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