Swirly Brain Filing

I had the longest, most useless dream(s) last night. If there was any point to any of it, they probably would have been a cool arty film.


But there was no point. 


I was in a city that was familiar(ish), but flet like I was always a block away from any landmark I knew. 


At one point I was in a hotel lift, but then it was abus. But also I hadn’t moved, it had changed around me, but not in a cool morphing visuals way, I just knew it had changed.


People always change in my dreams; at one point I’m walking around with/talking to person a and then they’re person b as if it had been them all along.


I assume long winded and tiring dreams like this are my brain doing some long-term filing.


But it would be much cooler if there was a plot and I could turn it into a funky movie. 

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