June Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

Right now I find it both helpful and unhelpful to look back over what I can and can’t do. Over the past 6 weeks I’ve had some kind of post viral relapse and my fatigue is becoming unworkable. 


Project Updates:

My Fictional Life With Kids: 

Last month I finally got it swapped from self hosted wordpress to tumblr. Lets just claim I’m riding high on that instead of saying I haven’t done anything further with it.

Totally Normal DollHouse:

WAY more spoons than I have to even consider the simple tasks I have going on.


This month I was:


Finished off where I left last month, rereading Hunger Games and Ballad of Snowbirds and Snakes on audiobook. Audiobooks are a godsend when you are too tired to hold up a physical book.

I have a ton of ebooks bookmarked on the State Library of Queensland website but they don’t seem to use Libby or Overdrive app, so I need to work out what the best way of reading them is.



I totally have not stayed up too late playing Wylde Flowers even though I don’t really like it on iPad and think I’ll enjoy it more when they port it to Switch.



Rewatching Utopia. Still gives me painful too-relatables to my time in mining.







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