Learning and Unlearning

Learning and Unlearning

Learning and Unlearning


Take a look at this reel:



It’s really good. It’s on the topic of burnout but I feel it’s really applicable for all kinds of chronic and fluctuating conditions. 


My health has never been the same since I had glandular fever in 2009ish. But accepting I’ve pushed through a lot of years & things when I probably shouldn’t have is hard.


There’s a bunch of hindsight I don’t know how to process or apply. Yes, covid and long covid made things worse, much worse. But I can no longer pretend I was the same post 2009 as I was pre 2009.


Not knowing anyone (and medical systems not talking about) chronic illness and disability is something that held me back from taking proper post viral care. I didn’t know about accomodations. I let people tell me I wasn’t trying hard enough. So much I didn’t know and I accepted that I was in the wrong.


Because chronic health conditions are always a moral failure to medicine and most abled people. 




That I’ve been disabled longer than I knew.


That things I experienced were my fault.


Learning and Unlearning

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  1. Denyse Whelan says: Reply

    I’ve thought about you and your health many times, especially in the recent years, and you were, as I read it, not brought into this world with the expected love, care, parental guidance and being able to be a kid.

    No more than that because anything I add would be supposition.

    If I can say this though, you do what you can on any given day with all the good reasons to stay connected and on top of things..work and home…and yet, and yet, it is damaging over time.

    Sigh. You do as best as you can I think. For what that is worth.

    Thank you for sharing a post from your blog on this week’s Wednesday’s Words and Pics Link Up. I hope to see you next week too. Take care, Denyse.

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