Day 36

Day 36 – Thursday 15th March 2012
30min lunch walk
40 min night walk

Still frustrated by office work. Considering that I’m doing two 30min walks a day & I’m still restless…I think I need to return to the gym.

I’m walking an hour a day yet I still feel incredibly unfit.

Unfortunately I commute a long way to work & the gym only opens as I leave for work in the mornings; on the way home I’m usually hungry for dinner as its about 6pm & it closes at 9pm, which is when I need to be in bed to get up on time the next morning. It’s very annoying to work out how to fit things in my day when I have an office job, I find it just wastes my day. Plus I also need time to relax, work on my business, talk to my husband, play with my dog…normal life things! Let alone boring life things like cleaning & washing & eating!!

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