Light at the end of the Tunnel

I feel like I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel finally. And not the “headlight of the oncoming train” kind! I have been desperate for a light for months now – and I think it’s coming!

Keep your fingers crossed for me: if I get my estimated tax return (which I always have in the past) it will pay off the debt we incurred from medical expenses & being on less than one income for the past 18 months. (Honestly, our combined income last tax year amounts to about a full time receptionists salary in a cheap-ass company – really not much to live on & deal with medical.)

That is a huge relief. I have never had debt before. The amount of debt we have is considered small by most people but I think the only acceptable debt is a mortgage. And preferably not even that. And while I’ve been chipping away at it, it was far too slowly for my liking.

Then I need a job – no idea if my current job is going on or if I’ll be in a different position in the same company, or somewhere else entirely.

I’m not an extravagant person, so all I need is a fairly basic income & I will be able to save for a: HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!

The last holiday I went on was in mid 2011 to Sydney for a few days. I would link you to my travel blog on it but I want to change it’s set up so the link wouldn’t be accurate for long anyway.

The thought that I am nearly in a position to have a holiday made me nearly burst out crying as I drove to work this morning. I was so happy at the thought of a break!! Plus, I may have been a tad overtired!

My holiday plan is a weekend at the Novotel Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast. I can’t remember how I even stumbled across their website but I’ve been dying to go there for years.

The main thing that attracted me to them was that they have a trampoline ON the water. ON! That’s just plain awesome. Actually, it’s better than ‘plain’ awesome, it’s freaking awesome!

Plus they have Segways, Circus courses…it’s exactly the weekend away we need. And by the time I’ve saved up for it, I expect it’ll be warm enough to swim! So timings in life can work out great.

The Novotel Twin Waters is an Accor Hotel & my current day job uses Accor Hotels a lot – I’ve always found their staff really helpful so it’s also nice to be (soon) saving money knowing they have a pretty high standard of service & rooms.

So keep your fingers crossed for me that I:
a) get my estimated tax return
b) have some kind of job

So that we can have a holiday!!!!

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