Long Haul Flights

I’ve posted some tips on long-haul travel before on my travel blog, but seeing as many people sound like they’re off to New York for Blog Her soon, I thought I would post them here.


Disclaimer: as you probably know, I haven’t been able to afford travel in a few years. But none of these options should have changed.




You’ve all heard that you’re supposed to drink water to keep hydrated on a long haul flight? Well it’s true! Boring advice but it works. Water needs to be your key fluid on a long haul flight.


Stay away from alcohol! Do not see a plane as “free” booze. If you are a drinker, have your (small) glass of wine or beer with your dinner. It will relax you and maybe help make you drowsy for the sleeping part of the flight.


I also avoid juices, partly as I can no longer stand large quantities of sugar, but partly because it just won’t rehydrate you as well as water. I only have one juice per flight (if at all) and I have it when I need a mental break from the water.


If you are a coffee drinker: I would try not to. You’ll be sitting for a lot of hours. Your body, not to mention your nearby seat mates, will thank you if you’re not restlessly jiggling.




Always order a “special” meal. When I last flew, these were still free. These days I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a “premium” service!


I used to get a low fat meal – next time I travel long haul it will be low carb. That change is just due to how we eat now at home.


A special order meal will be fresher & served first. Which also means you will likely be finished eating first. In turn, that means you will beat the plane in the post-meal toilet rush! Trust me, this is an enviable position to be in.




Keep your body moving.


Stretch while you’re in a queue for the bathroom.


Read the in-flight health magazine and practice the exercises they suggest. You’ll have the time to master them too! Make yourself an expert in them. Mutter (in your head) and pretend you’re teaching an exercise class if it helps.


Personally speaking only, for a long haul flight, I take one aspirin at check in time, one at the stop over on a long haul flight and one at my destination. This helps to prevent DVT. However, I am not a doctor, so ask your GP/Pharmacist etc if this is something you are considering. Cos I don’t know your body 🙂


Make the most of your stop over. You’ll be sitting soon enough for ages so unless you’re with a bunch of tired children, walk!




Which seat!? Aisle, window or middle? If you search the Internet for an answer to this, you’ll get a surprisingly heated debate about which is best.


My tips for choosing:


If you can sleep anywhere & want to sleep on the flight, window. You’ll have the views & the comfort of not being disturbed by people climbing over you.


If you’re a restless or tall person, take the aisle. You’ll have the ability to get up & stretch (when the seatbelt sign isn’t on) and a tiny bit more stretch space (the aisle) while sitting. Just beware the food carts! They will bruise your knees! I’ve heard that people tie their knees up with a belt/elastic sometimes to avoid the bruises.


Ok, I may have lied just before. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone arguing over wanting the middle seat.


Happy travels!!

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