Shout It Out

A week ago today was the Brisbane Hanson concert.


Hanson are the only band I’ve seen live – excluding the odd musicians in pubs/cafes.


Also excluding my husband, who I rarely see unattached from a guitar. Really. He takes his sisters as soon as we’re at her house. And he gets antsy if we go out for the day & can’t take a guitar with him. But this post isn’t about how to live with a crazy musician. That would be a book 🙂


I first saw them in Brisbane Botanical Gardens in a $2 charity concert when I was 14. I went with a school friend & it was a great day.


Then in 2005, I saw them twice in the same week in London. My parents told me I was crazy.  I told them I didn’t care, it was my money, I had earned it at work & I was going.


Fast forward to 2012. I hadn’t seen any band (let alone Hanson) in many years, and this was to be the first concert my husband & I ever attended together.

Husband was terrified of the girls screaming. I told him it would be ok, after all, it was an over 18 concert. Hehe. I then took a packet of disposable ear plugs from the stash I have at work. Because I know girls scream. And I know that will never change.


The support act, Matt Wertz, seemed like a good guy, but lets face it, support acts have the worst jobs in the world. Kudos to all support acts who make it through tours being hated by default.


Hanson came on a little late, after their 9.30pm start time. Two hours later, it was over way too soon 🙁




Remembering songs I haven’t listened to in years, non single songs like ‘Madeline’ from the Middle of Nowhere Album. And hearing the entire crowd sing along cheerfully.


Husbands reaction when he thought the girly screaming couldn’t get louder. Then MmmBop came on. Then MmmBop ended. Ouch. I have never felt my ear drums vibrate like that.


The solos – each band member performed a song on their own. Zac sung “Go” – a song I find only ok on the album. But live & on a guitar instead of piano. Wow.


Issac singing “Ain’t no Sunshine”.


The longest single note I have EVER hear any musician sing. Ever. Utterly amazing. I was so absorbed by the note I don’t even know what song it was in!! But wow does Zac have a voice!?!?! Taylor & Issac (as well as the back up guitarists) all had time to wipe their faces with a towel & drink some water during this one note. I don’t think I would believe it if I hadn’t seen it.


Taylor introducing a song “We didn’t release this album in Australia” plays a few notes….crowd screams “Well I guess you did get the album over here”.


My throat being sore from two hours of loud singing.


My husband staring at the audio engineers panels (we were directly behind him) muttering “No! Change *that* setting”.

SHOUT it out Australian tour!


We left at 11.30pm, a bit stiff from standing squished still since 8pm. And decided to run for the last train to where my car was parked. Missed it due to unsigned footpath works. Still kept running on a different route. Missed the last train (11.50pm). Spent $50 on a cab to get to my car. Got to car, drove rest of way home. Showered & fell into bed at 1.30am. Crying on bus the next morning as I watched the videos I took at the concert. Spent the next day at work trying to stay awake.


Worth it 🙂

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  1. I love Hanson! My sister and I were devoted! Didn’t even think to go to the concert! I love live music too.

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