Thursday morning I woke up about 40 mins before my alarm.

Instead of trying to force my body back to sleep, I decided to just stay awake but relax in bed. I picked up my iPad and chanced across a post full of photos of US President Obama’s life in office.

Damn I love some good photojournalism. Honestly, as an anthropologist AND a photo geek, I will buy textbooks on visual anthropology & read them for fun.

I’ve always liked the few things I’ve seen of this photographers work, and this 125 photo series is fantastic.

If you like photography, here’s the link:

And even better than the early morning treat of some great photography, it put me in a happy mood to start my day. I got dressed for work & went outside to kick the ball around with my dog for a while. Even things that grate on me normally, like the two idiotic pedestrians who decided to just step in front of my car without looking, we’re brushed off easily.

Is this what it’s like for people who meditate?

Do you have a morning routine to set you up in a good mood for the rest of the day?

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