Monday Adventure Recap Episode 2

Well normally (can I say that if I’ve only done one of these so far?) I would flick through my phone photos and that’d be half of what I’ve done in the past week.

Only yesterday I finally got sick of my iPhone 3GS & bought an iPhone 5!!

So, my adventures of the past week:

  • Started a new role at work. Desperately trying to like it. Failing.

    Walked a LOT! I’m so happy to be getting this habit back!

    Scared a cane toad when it was blocking me from rinsing half a beach of sand out of my shoes. (It kept jumping headlong into a metal bin!)

    Visited family a few times in hospital (as bad as this sounds, I usually try to avoid this because hospitals make me feel like I’m going to catch some horrible disease at any time).

    Tried to make a sprinkler out of an empty soft drink bottle. Failed. Is anyone else not used to being off water restrictions finally? It’s so odd to be allowed to use a sprinkler at any time!

    Played a lot with my new phone 🙂

  • And today at lunch I saw this outside a cafe:


    Perfect timing!!

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    1. I am deathly afraid of toads. I would have had a heart attack!
      Love that sign 🙂

      1. I’m more scared of cockroaches for some reason!

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