A Backseat Story

Ah, I bet you thought I meant backseat lovin’!


Sorry to disappoint.


Do you ever sit in the backseat of your own car? It’s strange! Especially when you’re the only driver.


I may be a slightly paranoid person, but it just feels strange to be in the backseat. Strange not to have the brakes by your feet in your own car.

How will I cope when Ben can drive? I’m looking forward to sharing the driving but I wonder if I’ll turn into a backseat driver.

How do you & your partner/family/whoever share driving duties?

4 Replies to “A Backseat Story”

  1. Justin does 90% of the driving. Getting into the car, he just drives as default.
    Except if he is in a foul mood, then I’ll take the wheel because I feel safer for the whole family – his mind will wander or he will make poor driving decisions when he’s angry.

    1. Does he like driving more than you or is it just a habit thing?

  2. My husband is a control freak in cars and so if he’s in the car, he’s driving. I can only recall about 3 occasions since I’ve met him that I’ve actually driven. It sounds so sexist but really, it works for us: he’s happy, and I don’t like driving in traffic anyway so am usually glad for a break!
    I went all the way to Toowoomba in the backseat of a hatchback yesterday. It was not pleasant!

    1. I’m worried I’ll become too used to being chauffeured around haha.

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