I think I can scan you

“You are what you eat.”


“Practice makes perfect.”


The theme I see in these cliches is that if you do something enough times, you will become it (or good at it).


If you follow me on twitter, you probably definitely saw me complaining about my day. Long story short, I woke up with pressure in my head and bad dizziness. I suffered a bit…bumbled a bit…but it hadn’t gone away by lunchtime so I rang around bulk billing (aka free, for those not from Australia) doctors clinics and found one I hadn’t been to before. I shouldn’t have bothered. The GP was useless and stressed me out – and because I was stressed


So I went home and ranted to Ben. Then I decided to not be a tight-ass and pay the $70 to see my preferred GP. Ah, what a wonderful difference a GP who knows you ¬†makes!! I was prescribed the drugs I need (rather than being told to use over the counter crap), I was sent for a CT scan of my head & a chest x-ray while I was there to make sure all my old bronchitis had cleared up. Most importantly, I was ¬†listened to! $70 is well worth that and I shouldn’t be such a tight-ass with my money.


My GP told me to go to the imaging centre straight away, just in case they could fit me in. I did, but really didn’t expect a space. But they were fine, and I got a CT & Xray done really fast. (Also, what’s with those x-ray gowns?! Not made to stay closed for breasts at all!)


Which brings me back to my point. In the past few weeks, I’ve had a CT scan (head), an x-ray (chest) & an ultrasound (ankle).


I must be able to scan other people now. I mean, I’ve had experience at it, so surely by now I can hold up my hand, wave it over your body and look at all the pretty bones and guts inside.


That’s how it works, right? Right?

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