Are You Truthful?

26 Years and Counting: Are You Truthful?

Monday morning is where the “How was your weekend?” questions start.

Do you answer them truthfully?

My answer would be along the lines of “Crap. I had cramps, the painkillers spaced me out & made me feel strange, I didn’t sleep, and I cried at random things (probably because of the lack of sleep).”

26 Years and Counting: Are You Truthful?

But do I say that? Does honesty have a place in casual conversation?

I wouldn’t give that spiel to the person serving my breakfast, but would I give that spiel to people I know well at work?

I find it hard sometimes to know where to draw the line with being truthful. And even more so when I’m tired or unwell.

Where do you draw the line on being truthful in casual conversation? Do you also find it hard to maintain small talk if you’re not feeling like yourself?

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  1. I just think it depends on who I’m talking to – and the mood I’m in – sometimes I just don’t want to make a big deal about something – small talk is small talk – it just fills in the silences…

    If I really need to vent, then I will be honest and talk about what’s going on in my life with someone who I know cares about me – otherwise, hey look… it’s a lovely day… maybe it will rain later. 😉

    1. I think my ‘appropriateness’ filter becomes faulty when I’m sick or tired haha.

  2. I don’t think choosing not to go into the morbid details of a shitty weekend is untruthful. I think saying that you ended up on a yacht with Chris Hemsworth, who was naked, you’re probably approaching untruthful. Also recognising that someone doesn’t really give two hoots about your business might just be considerate, not untruthful ;D

    1. Haha good points!

  3. Heck yes. I HATE morning small talk with a passion. I will often ignore someone in the lunchroom if I don’t know them, and pray they don’t talk to me!
    I usually lie and say “good” if they ask me, but if I know them well I will tell them the truth!
    So much of our social interaction relies on these little white lies to lubricate us all getting along. Have you seen the movie The Invention of Lying? An amazing idea about telling the truth all the time. It’s hilarious and confronting.

    1. I’ve heard of it but haven’t actually seen it. Lunchrooms are the worst – I nearly always go out at lunch but there are a few people who will start talking to you, even when they clearly see you reading or watching something on your phone!

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